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High-Impact Strategy Sessions

Exclusive access to personalized guidance addressing your primary challenges that hinder desired revenue. Receive answers to all your questions on marketing, business strategy, and revenue optimization.
A Full Day That Fitz™
Intensive 8-hour VIP Deep Dive: Unleash transformative digital marketing strategies to catapult your business growth.
$9500 + Travel
$1500 Application Deposit Required
A Half Day That Fitz™
Dynamic 4-hour VIP Immersion: Activate potent digital marketing strategies to propel your business to new heights
$6500 + Travel
$1500 Application Deposit Required
Ads Boot Camp
75 minute Precision Consult: for concise, results-driven guidance tailored to your specific challenges

The Leveraged Lead Flow AD-Vantage™

100% Done for you client lead generation system, we guaranteed to increase your leads by at least 35% or you don't pay again until we do!! In a nutshell we create and run your ads for you, and then we create a high-powered lead magnet, that will attract your right fit clients, next we build out your funnel system to capture the leads, along with creating and installing a 5 day email sequence that pushes them towards your preferred conversion event! 

Investment 1st month $4997 includes setup fee, then $1500 month + ad spend
Not Accepting New Clients At This Time
Ads Jumpstart
A done-for-you ad campaign service that is designed to get you leads, drive traffic, or send sells traffic to your products!!
In as little as 14 days or less, you will have a full campaign setup and ready to drive traffic to your offers!
Ads Boot Camp
An Intimate Small Group Experience, walking thru all the aspects of ad creation under direct guidance of A.Fitzgerald Hardnett this is limited to only 10 students
Digital Marketing Strategy
There are 4.59 billion people with social media access, this simply means there are more people that DON'T Know about than do... Allow us to serve your companies mission by getting you in front of those that you're called to serve
Experience Counts
We may be new to you, HOWEVER, we are not new to this. 

This is a screen shot of the ads manager, showing that we've spent just a few coins on Facebook™ & Instagram™ Ads. We have a keen understanding of what it takes to be effective in a post ios 14 world.

Whenever you're ready, click the link below and let's jump on a call to see if we are a good fit for each other

Resources To Make Your Journey Into The Land Of Ads Easier

Ads Checklist + Dictionary Of Advertising Terms
These two (2) tools are exactly what every new advertiser needs in order to experience success. The Ads Checklist is the exact same one that I use when I do client ad audits as a service for + Plus we've decide to include a dictionary so you become familiar with the language and begin to understand.

I've made this a combo an no-brainer offer, just give what you want and it's yours!
The Dope Ads Masterclass
Discover how to use Facebook™ & Instagram™ ads to EXPLODE your business.

This high impact, easy to understand On-Demand video training  completely breaks all the rules and dispels the myths about paid ads that keep you from experiencing all their power. We make it super easy, so that you can be successful rapidly

Short videos that reveal the true purpose and intent of paid ads. This is the absolute 1st class that i'd recommend a new advertiser to experience.

In order for your ads to be effective, you need to have a comprehensive strategy that aligns with your goals. Not having this strategy, leads to most, if not all advertising failures 
- A.Fitzgerald Hardnett

This is what our Clients have said about our service
Don't take our word, see our testimonials
Fitz is a brilliant marketer. He knows how to get a business visibility. When it comes to building an audience and leveraging Facebook ads he is an invaluable resource. He changed my business. I recommend him highly.
Melinda Emerson MBA, 
Author Become Your Own Boss In 12 Months
            Fitz is a brilliant marketer. He knows how to get a business visibility. When it comes to building an audience and leveraging Facebook ads, he is an invaluable resource. He changed my business. I recommend him highly.

Melinda Emerson MBA,
Author Become Your Own Boss In 12 Months


What If You Reached More People? How Would Your Life Change? You're Here On Purpose, For a Purpose... 
The Right Strategy mixed with Facebook & Instagram Ads Are A Powerful Way To Launch Or Scale Your Business
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